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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More On Dominant Men

As I sit here this 1st day of November, I can hear massive groups of Ducks flying over my house. I suppose they are flying south for the winter, or wherever ducks do go when winter time hits.
I always thought they stuck around since there is a duck hunting season *frowns* and perhaps some ducks do? I have no idea in all honesty LOL. But it is cool to look out the window and see just hundreds of ducks flying, wherever to they are going. They also sound awesome, their cute little 'duck' call. LOL. uhm.

In my last post, I wrote about Dominant men and how most of them do not seem to have any kind of self-confidence. It seems i've been doing a lot of bitching about men as of late and I have no idea why, but for some reason their attitudes and requests are beginning to really irk me off.

For instance, I had a Master in Yahoo send me an IM last evening. He seemed nice enough and we both shared similar feelings on how we thought most people in the D/s scene on Yahoo seem only to be game players. (it seems he has experienced much of what I experience with so-called Dominant men, he experiences with many submissive ladies)

So I thought, okay, this guy sounds nice enough (oh no, not again! not another.. he sounds nice enough...) so we added each other to our buddy lists before I said my goodnights.

When I logged on this afternoon, he was STILL here, so I sent him a little teaser - meant as a joke as I added the hehehe to the end to let him know i was only teasing him.
I got back the most vile message. He told me true submissive women do NOT Laugh!!?? Amongst other crap.. oh geee.
So NOW i am not supposed to laugh cause I am submissive?? What a joke! Who does he think he is anyway? Obviously NOBODY!
By this time i was angry, very angry and I told him that I hope that he searches FOREVER for another submissive - as any lady, submissive or not.. should not allow anybody to take away her gift of laughter.

So many of us submissive ladies online and otherwise, has been hurt badly in our lives and most of us are lucky that we are still able to laugh, that we are able to see the funny things in life and still be able to laugh at it and yet we have some jerk, wanna-be Master? to tell us we are not allowed to laugh if we are indeed true submissives. Who in the h*ll does he think he is anyway?

Everyday the crap only gets deeper and deeper on Yahoo. The men are becoming more and more vile and hateful. They act like they are the gift to all women, heck they are so great they are even a great gift to God Himself!
*shakes her head*
Just one day i'd like to be able to come on here and cheer and yell that I have indeed met a 'real' Master who doesn't have to abuse, who doesn't have to take away or deny a submissive her most tiniest of lifes gifts.

When and if that day ever comes, I shall post it here.. but i am beginning to seriously doubt there is a Master out there like that.

Where is the good men? Where is the laughter and joy that life is supposed to be and bring?

embrisa~ the temptress!


Sir James said...

It is sad that you have had trouble with Dominate men online. I know that a lot of men do not have a clue how to treat a submissive woman. They have gotten these strange ideas from porn, and other nonsensical places. I hope that you have better luck in the future, some Dom's do know how to treat a lady, and have the self confidence to act as a gentleman, while still being the Domintae presence that a lady desires. So don't dispare there are true Dom's out there, and again good luck.

Sir James

Diego said...

Maybe you are taking things way out of proportion. He could have been joking around. Playing a master/slave thing. If you are the slave and he is the master and say don't don't laugh right? He could have not been saying that he does not like hes women to laugh at jokes, life, or circumstances in general. He really really just wanted to boss you around for a while. I believe men should both, be aware of their masculine and feminine sides to be fully able to love and give love. Peace.